Vets and Boomers: How Did It Feel? (GovLoop’s Latest on HuffPo)

The latest GovLoop piece on HuffPo is up! Here’s how it starts:

Veterans: Do you remember what it was like to return from World War II as heroes, hearing a strong and sincere “welcome home” from an adoring American public?

Baby Boomers: Do you remember how it felt to hear President Kennedy’s inspiring inauguration appeal, asking “what you can do for your country” and urging you to step up to the challenge of civil service careers?

For both Veterans and Boomers, I wonder how it felt to watch the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) lead our nation in its victorious quest to be the first to reach the moon.

As a young man who turned 30 just 3 weeks ago, I earnestly wish my generation could feel something similar — that American citizens are standing behind and beside their government, believing in their herculean efforts to improve the way they deliver services and support infrastructure that touches almost every aspect of our lives.

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And there are some great comments (15 as I am writing this):

“Well, I got to watch the moon landing, in the orderly room on my first Saterday off in a while, I was in the U.S. Army, just out of part time colledge my first year, (20 years old, and could not afford fulltime), and still in basic training. After this training and an all too short leave to say goodby to family and friends I was off to Vietnam. Wow, what a change…now that was an eyeopener, I will assure you. I’ll never be the same. Some of you contemporaries in Afganistan, are feeling the glory even now. I truly appreciate people working for the government who put their lives on the line, and are NOT in it for the money.”

“Um…. I can’t speak for SC, but where I’m working, I can assure you that the people working are doing so both for themselves AND for the difference they can make! In other words, they are like any other worker, with the added point of caring about the country enough to ensure that they do a good job to protect the public!”

“The BEST defense of why Americans enjoy such a great life because of the service of great government that I have ever heard!!!!! Fanned, faved and forwarded! Yay!!”

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Kathleen Smith

Great post. It is interesting that there is still this “why would you want to work for the Government?” mentality. I am honored to work with so many folks in both the military and government every day, and I am in awe of their courage. Courage? Yes courage. In a society that is all about either “look at me” or “I am going to do what ever else does” joining the government or military is associated with being old fashioned, mundane or counterculture. Yet these passionate professionals have found a mission to support and have committed their lives to it. While we are looking for some heroism, I find these silent heroes are the wellspring of our future, and we should give them credit for taking on the challenge, doing their job and stop beating them up.