VIDEO: Open Gov Directive Anniversary Q&A with White House

In case you missed the Open Government Directive One-Year Anniversary LIVE today, here’s the video:

What do you think?

Was this a helpful 30 minutes or should it have been longer?

Did they answer tough questions?

Did they answer YOUR questions?

Should this kind of live engagement happen more often?

Sound off below.

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Some notes from Video:
-Dispersed knowledge – especially public input on rulemaking
-Shining light on IT investments from IT Dashboard
-Subcontracting data
-Challenge.gov platform – new applications, new innovations
-Shifting power from government to American people and making gov’t accountable
-All agency has met satisfactory requirements of Open Gov plans and milestones. Built Innovation Teams to make principles reality


2011 year focused on civic participation.
-Fostering ecosystems around data
-More on rulemaking
-Taping into expertise on American people