What’s the Next Generation of Government?

We are super excited at GovLoop to partner with Young Government Leaders on the Next Generation of Government Summit. Ever since I joined government in 2004, I’ve been passionate about creating the future of government service – from creating and connecting future leaders to reimagining how to deliver services.

This is the first-ever conference for the next generation of government leaders. It’s the conference I always wanted to create and attend. I’ve spoken at probably 100 conferences in the last 5 years so I’ve taken the best speakers I’ve seen and the best structure and tips I’ve seen. I’ll be blogging more as it gets closer to the event (July 6 & 7 ) but it’s been amazing to see where it’s going.

We’ve been working hard and have tons of great new speakers such as:

-David Uejio, Special Assistant to the Director of NIH Human Resources
– Tom Fox, The Federal Coach Column at Washington Post, Director of the
Center for Government Leadership, Partnership for Public Service
– Gautham Nagesh, The Hill
– Ed O’Keefe, Washington Post
– Mary Davie, Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Assisted Acquisition Services, General Services Administration
– Robert Tice Lalka, Global Partnership Liaison, U.S. Department of State
– Matthew Slutsky, Director of Partnerships, Change.org
– Jake Brewer, Engagement Director, Sunlight Foundation
– Frank DiGiammarino, Deputy Coordinator for Recovery Implementation
– Lisa Schlosser, Director for the Office of Information Collection, Environmental Protection Agency
– Amanda Eamich, Director for New Media, USDA
– Jack Bienko, Deputy Director at U.S. Small Business Administration
– Erin Edgerton, Director, New Media and Strategic Communications, Office of National Drug Control Policy
– Sunny Hester, Organization Development Consultant at HHS

Rob Salkowitz, Consultant & Author, Young World Rising

– Mary Cummings, Program Analyst, NNSA
– Jeffrey Vargas, Chief Learning Officer, NNSA

Hope you register (use the special code “GLrockstar” for an extra discount) and check it out..

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Megan Price

AND if you register before May 31st you can combine the GovLoop discount (GLrockstar) to the Early Bird discount and get $110 off the listed price of $650/government and $1050/government contractor –> making it $540/government and $940/contractors! Great deal if you ask me!


Good question Harlan. Generally it occurs for two reasons – 1) contractors (especially at large agencies) are more likely to have the training budgets to attend 2) in a sense, many conferences don’t want to become overrun with too many government contractors as they want to preserve it as largely a govy audience and safe place to collaborate (not a bus development place)

Cynthia Lonergan

I have to agree with Harlan on this one. I was very excited to read about the event, but I can’t afford a $600 ticket. I guess leadership is only for the rich. I do not want to seem dramatic, but this admission price makes valuable events like this inaccessible for many QUALITY people who live on the average American salary.