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What’s the State of Social Media and Government in 2012?

Last Thursday, I delivered the presentation below for several Federal agency heads at the Chicago Federal Executive Board. I quickly affixed the title, “The State of Social Media in Government,” though I’m not sure that’s an accurate description of the content. Here’s a quick sketch of my outline:

  1. How Are Americans Using Social Media? (data from the Pew Internet and American Life Project regarding citizen behavior and perceptions)
  2. How Are Government Agencies Using Social Media? (a couple brief slides on organizational trends)
  3. How is GovLoop a “Knowledge Network” for Government? (serious conversations using social media)
  4. 5 Trends Regarding Social Media and Government (closely follows a blog post from Mark Schaefer)
  5. 5 Quick Tips for Agencies Still Working Out Adoption (what we’ve learned from the GovLoop experience)
In another post, I shared notes from an excellent presentation by FBI Special Agent Traven that followed mine: “Cyber Villains: A Ploy to Destroy Our Trust”. You’ll see that it’s important information that helps you and I to understand the tactics of today’s spy networks.

Check out the deck and a couple questions that follow…

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  • How would you describe the state of social media in government?
  • Did I miss any of the mega-trends?


I’m not the only one asking this question. This Thursday, April 26 at 2p ET, we’re hosting a complimentary online training that asks:

Gov 2.0: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?

Join GovLoop, HP, AMD and our government panelists as we discuss the most recent study on the state of Gov 2.0. This research report covers the current state of Gov 2.0, its future and changes occurring over the last 2 years. You will hear firsthand from our government and industry experts as they navigate the Gov 2.0 world and what it really means in 2012.

Specifically, this virtual panel will cover:

  • The momentum of Gov 2.0
  • Budget Impact
  • Security challenges and other related obstacles
  • Citizen engagement
  • The role of mobility

Speakers Include:

  • Phil Bertollini, CIO/Deputy County Executive, Oakland County, MI
  • Adriel Hampton, Chief Organizer at NationBuilder, Founder of Gov 2.0 Radio
  • Christina Morrisson, HP
  • Steve Kester, AMD
  • Steve Ressler, GovLoop




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