Who Needs A Vacation? Me!!!

I know most people would raise their hand if asked “do you want to take a vacation?” While we can’t be on vacation all the time or even most of the time it is really a necessary part of work life. Stepping away, taking a break, stopping to disconnect actually helps us maintain a certain amount of freshness when on the job.

But it’s hasn’t been that easy lately to take a break with the down economy and technology that always keeps you connected to the office.

In the essence of unwinding here’s a solid article on how to kick back and relax even in today’s business world: http://www.hci.org/lib/i-need-vacation-do-you?utm_source=HCI_Members_Email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=08-19_DD_Talent_Dev&utm_content=ksmith%40clearedjobs.net

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Sam Allgood

A commenter there posted ‘Even the first family, just kicked off their summer vacation today! ‘ … that would be the one that follows their winter vacations and spring vacations. His are not to disconnect … he’s already totally disconnected from the majority of Americans.