Who Wants More Awesomes? The Awesome and Like Buttons Expand

A couple months back we rolled out both the Govloop “Awesome” button and the Facebook “Like” button.

It’s a great way to thank a GovLooper for an awesome blog post or discussion. Or share a great piece of information with your Facebook friends.

Well, it’s time for more AWESOME….

This week, we rolled out the awesome button and Like button on all GovLoop member profiles, events, photos, videos, and basically everything on the site. For example

We also added a great way to keep track of things that you think are “awesome” – You also have a list of all the things you think are awesome if you go to your profile page and then hit “my awesomes”. For example, here’s mine


All the likes and awesomes add up towards our GovLoop Leaderboard

Make sure you LIKE and AWESOME away!

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Profile Photo Brian Dowling

It would also be a good thing to be able to share awesomeness on “Linkedin”. I know that there is a Govloop Group on Linkedin where Govloop Bloggers could if they remember also post but being able to share on Linkedin similar to what is available for FaceBook would allow for cross-sharing with other professional groups like ULI that are also on Linkedin.