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13 Tips on Social Media for Public Health

Last week, I had the honor of speaking about “Social Media and Public Health” at the Michigan Homeland Security Training Conference. It was a great event with ~3,000 state and local government public health and emergency response leaders (plus Grand Rapids, MI is an awesome town).

I thought I’d share my slides below as well as my
“13 Tips for Social Media and Public Health”

  1. Know Your Audience & Goals
  2. Build Your Audience Before You Need It
  3. Promote Where People Are
  4. Cross-Promote
  5. Have a Plan
  6. Great Regular Content
  7. Mobile First
  8. Respond Immediate & Frequent
  9. Create Once Publish Everywhere
  10. Leverage Your Citizens
  11. Dealing with Unofficial Groups
  12. Focus on Big Impact / Cost Effective Channels
  13. Rethink Service Delivery

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