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3 Lessons On Hacking for Good

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Two weeks ago, I was in Joplin, MO for a hackathon hosted by CivicPlus and City of Joplin where 9 teams competed over the weekend to help create the new digital townhall for City of Joplin. It was a great event where the goal was to help the City of Joplin prepare its digital infrastructure 1-year after being hit with one of the worst tornados in U.S history.

To check out a summary of the event and my three lessons on hacking for good (1 – Engage with Citizens, 2 – Engage with City Leaders, 3 – Give Structured Freedom), take a look at the PDF below. The document provides a chronicle of the event, lessons learned of the hackathon, and tips on community engagement.

My favorite quote from Mark Morris, Director, Information Systems City of Joplin

“This Hackathon is truly amazing. So much is being done in so little time – I’ve been maintaining 7 websites housing all this content and now, we’ll be able to house it all within one website with various departments being empowered to man- age their respective areas of content – from an administrative perspective as well as from a citizen feedback perspective”

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