3 Tricks to Implementing DevOps

It’s no secret that budgets for IT in the government are shrinking every year. But at the same time it’s imperative that agencies find ways via technology to deliver their mission to the people more effectively and efficiently. But how?

DevOps, the new way of thinking about software development, is helping agencies achieve their IT missions. During last week’s on-line training: DevOps: The Do’s and Don’ts for Success in the Public Sector, industry experts discussed the DevOps process and what it can do for your agency.

According to Evong Nham, a senior solutions architect at Red Hat, “DevOps is a movement and a culture. It’s hard to capture in a few words.” Because DevOps varies from one environment to the next, it is difficult to nail down a specific practice. Peter Chin, Application Development and Architecture Division Chief US Courts, Department of Program Services, discussed three tricks to remember while implementing DevOps at your agency.

Remember the 3 Cs: Connections, Communications, and Culture

Connections: “Consider DevOps an umbrella concept that encompasses people, processes, and technologies required to connect development to execution,” said Chin. You need to move away from looking at individual phases. Emphasize the performance of an entire system rather than the performance of specific silos of work or business units.

Communications: “There are multiple stakeholders that have to understand the vision and each requires a tailored message to understand the benefits of DevOps,” said Chin. If you create a culture within your company that leads your employees to want to use DevOps, then that’s success in itself.

Culture: “Federal organizations are risk averse and have management processes that focus on the individual not on the team. Sharing success as a team and rewarding outcomes, not individual contributions, builds shared responsibility,” chin explained. Creating a culture of continual experimentation and learning inspires innovation and improvement.

Having clear connections, communications, and culture plans for your DevOps journey will make you transition even more of a success. Watch the training on-demand here to learn more.


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