4 Tips on Prepping for NextGen

Are you excited for Next Generation of Government Training Summit next week?

Honestly, this is my favorite 2 days of the year. 500+ government leaders, 100+ speakers, 40+ sessions.

There’s a lot going on – so how do you make the most of your time at NextGen both for you personally and to bring back to your team and supervisors at your agency. Here’s my 4 tips on prepping for NextGen:

1) Who do you want to meet? Look at the attendee list (at bottom) and speaker list and make a mental commitment – who do you want to meet? Maybe you’ve always wanted to meet someone from OPM or CDC, maybe you really want to meet Matt Mullenwag of WordPress. Make a plan

2) Schedule Meetings– Tied to #1, this is a great time to reach out to folks you already know who will be at the training event (or folks you want to know from your list above) and schedule some time with them. Maybe dinner the night before? A scheduled coffee during one of the breaks

3) What do you want to learn? Check out the agenda. There’s a lot of break-out sessions so start brainstorming on what you want to learn. Ask your bosses if there’s any sessions or topics they want you to check out.

4) Double-check your logistics – Especially for folks coming from outside DC, this is the time to double-check your logistics. Have your flight & hotel booked? Do you know how to get to the JW Marriott (Metro Center)

P.S. Still haven’t registered? There’s a few slots lefts – hit us up at nextgengovt.eventbrite.com

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