5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Conference

Once you’ve landed the training money to attend a conference your excitement and anticipation might be through the roof. However, the reality of attending a conference can sometimes be overwhelming. Meeting new people in your industry can be fun, but it can often be difficult finding out which sessions work best for you and your agency.

How can you get the most from your conference experience without making time or session sacrifices? These five tips can help you navigate the conference halls like a pro!

  1. Do Your Homework

Know who the speakers are and descriptions of the event and sessions.

Hopefully, if you’ve made it past approval, you’ll have a good understanding of what you’re looking to get out of the conference you’re attending. However, it’s never a bad idea to be overprepared. Make sure to browse the conference website or app to learn more about the speakers and sessions you’d like to attend.

  1. Go In with a Purpose

Be strategic when choosing sessions.

Think of current challenges you’re facing at your agency and how information from the training can be applied to address those issues. Choose your sessions wisely and try to go to as many as you can.

  1. Engage with the Facilitator

Many speakers stick around after their talks to mingle with attendees. Take advantage of the time you have with your speaker. Come prepared with questions and talking points to get the most from your session.

  1. Take Notes

Jot down key themes and takeaways that could be beneficial to you personally and your agency.

Remember, you’re here because your agency believes that this training is beneficial to its growth. Write down as much as you can about the sessions you’re attending and report that information to your supervisor.

  1. Have Your Business Cards Ready

If you don’t have a business card or aren’t keen on paper, you can ask to connect on LinkedIn.

Business cards are a great way to connect with your fellow conference goers and speakers. Remember to strive to have as many meaningful conversations as possible before handing over your card. Once you’re back at work, make sure to follow up with the connections you made at the conference.

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