7 Reasons I’m Excited about NextGen

It’s July. Woot. I’m excited because it means Next Generation of Gov’t Training Summit is coming.

For those that don’t know, NextGen is a 2-day training summit co-hosted by GovLoop & Young Government Leaders. It’s awesome – 650+ Gen X/Y gov’t leaders, 50+ sessions mapped to OPM ECQs and 100+ speakers from the best in government.

I’m super biased but it is my favorite two days of training each year (it’s our 4th year running it).

So….here are my 7 reasons why I’m excited about NextGen:

1) Rocking Office Hours – Last year, we launched office hours. Nothing complicated but one hour blocks where speakers meet attendees for 15-minutes each. And last year, people LOVED them. That’s why I’m stoked that we’ve expanded office hours this year & there will be over 100 opportunities to connect with speakers and learn one on one.

2) Lovely Lightning Speakers – One of my favorite parts of last year was hearing our lightning speakers – these “in the trenches” govies submitted their entries to speak and the winners were the cream of the crop. Many people last year said it was the best part of the summit. This year we expanded the number of lightning speakers and have a total of 5 prepped and ready to knock your socks off!

3) Svante! – I saw 26-year old Ithaca Mayor on Rock Center & said “that guy rocks”. So excited to meet him, hear him speak and tell his story in more detail.

4) Ryan Allis – Let’s continue the keynote love. I’ve been a huge fan of Ryan since he was CEO of iContact and I secretly stalk his Harvard Business School blog – so I’m stoked he’ll be speaking on what gov’t can learn from entrepreneurship.

5) Sessions Galore – I was going to pick my favorite sessions but honestly there are too many. Some I’m personally excited about this year include “Become a Professional Negotiator”, “Learn to Consult Like an Expert” and “Creating Innovation in Government”.

6) NextGen Award – Yep, it’s here. The Next Generation of Government Leadership Award – I was reviewing nominations the other day & the people are amazing. We are about to announce the 10 finalists & they are awesome. I can’t wait to announce the winner at the summit!

7) Meeting You – My favorite moments are always the personal ones. Getting a chance to meet someone in between sessions, at lunch or even at the networking evening sessions. I’m always astonished at how many amazing people there are at NextGen and their impact on gov.

Not signed up? Really? It’s too awesome to miss & too good for your organization (mapped to OPM ECQ’s, OPM-approved) – and there is still time to register at nextgengovt.com

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