A Growth Mindset Changes Your Brain, Neuroscientists Say

The more you embrace a growth mindset, the quicker you’ll become at learning from your mistakes, according to an Inc. article rounding up recent neuroscience studies. Inc. defines a growth mindset as the belief that intelligence, ability, and talent can be learned and improved with effort. In contrast, a fixed mindset assumes we are born with some talents but not others, and we can’t do much to change that.

Many business leaders cite a growth mindset as a critical factor in helping people advance in their careers. Check out this 2021 article in Forbes, for example.

Now, some neuroscientists are backing them up. They say that consistently seeking to learn from your mistakes eventually rewires your brain to do so more effectively and quickly.

Specifically, practicing a growth mindset makes it easier for your brain to:

  • Be willing to learn from mistakes
  • Better correct and learn from mistakes, and
  • Better accept feedback

To learn more, read the full article here.

Photo by Tim Gouw on pexels.com

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