A Shutdown Is No Cake Walk For Contractors

Let’s face it a shutdown affects everyone. I don’t think anyone would say that federal workers aren’t at the forefront of the shutdown battlefield but don’t forget about your average citizen and yes gov’t contractors.

The SECAF, an industry association representing more than 400 small and medium government contractors conducted a survey over the last few days and it gives a solid picture of how the shutdown will be affecting contractors.

According to the survey:

– 55 percent of respondents say in the event of a government shutdown it will be business as usual while 38 percent of respondents say they will ask employees to use personal leave during the shutdown.

– 14 percent of respondents said they would send employees to training with time and costs paid by the company and five percent said they would be forced to dock pay across the board for all employees.

So while govies are manning the front lines contractors are getting a raw deal too. Just another reason that shutdowns pretty much stink for everyone.

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