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Announcing CityCamp Challenge Winners! Over 3,000 Votes!

GovLoop and Code for America are pleased to announce the winner of the CityCamp Challenge!

And the Top 4 vote-getters are:

* City Sourced (1,146 votes) – Muni Rep – Being finalized
* SeeClickFix (1,061 votes) – Muni Rep – Rob Smuts, New Haven, Connecticut
* GraffitiTracker (359 votes) – Muni Rep – John Ewing, Douglas, Nebraska
* Manor Labs (192 votes) – Muni Rep – Phil Tate, Manor, Texas

As you know, the winners were chosen by extending an open invitation for anyone to submit and vote on the most innovative municipal projects. The contest had three simple rules:

1. The contest was opened on Monday, January 4 at http://govloop.uservoice.com and closed at 11:59p on Friday, January 8.
2. The Top 4 Projects with the most votes each will receive up to $500 to support airfare and hotel at CityCamp on January 23-24, 2010, in Chicago.
3. Eligible candidates will be current public servants employed by a municipality in the United States.

We’re now communicating with each of the winners about the municipal representatives (heros!) they want to send to City Camp.

For example, runner-up, SeeClickFix is bringing Rob Smuts, Chief Administrative Officer from the City of New Haven, Connecticut.

Additionally, each winning project will be featured at CityCamp.

So keep your eyes peeled on Twitter and GovLoop for the announcement of those specific attendees. You’ll also learn more when we feature them as the GovLoop Project of the Week.

Thanks to everyone who submitted and voted on projects. See you at CityCamp!

By the way, “With a name like Smuts, it’s gotta be good.”:

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