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At GovLoop, we pride ourselves on our community. There are over 270,000 of you — government employees, industry partners and knowledge experts — who are extremely engaged. You comment on nearly a thousand posts and discussions each month. You talk to each other in the comments about your experiences, dreams and tips. You share your ideas, and inspire one another to be better and do more in the public sector.

Many of you are also prolific GovLoop bloggers. You write about everything from open source in your agency, to best leadership practices, to innovation in government. We here at GovLoop love your blog posts – we’re sort of obsessed with them, actually – and look forward to the new, great contributions we know we’ll be seeing every day.

And it’s exactly because your contributions to GovLoop are so terrific, and so valuable, that we’re looking to expand on them. Today, we’re announcing the 14th round of the GovLoop Featured Blogger Program.

We’ve already had a very successful 13 runs of this program with nearly 200 amazing GovLoop Featured Bloggers (whose posts you can read here) and we’re looking to keep the momentum going with new voices who can write about everything from the best way to hold a meeting in the government to how to create the most effective individual development plan.

The details: We’re looking for 15 (or more!) great GovLoop voices to blog once a week for the GovLoop community starting from October throughout the fall until January. We want you to write about subjects you think are important — from experiences at your agency, to the way big data is impacting your job, to tips on how to increase fed engagement — really, anything that inspires you. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us and we want it on GovLoop.

What’s in it for you? In addition to having your articles read by our community of 270,000, you’ll get:

  • A featured homepage slot on GovLoop every time you post
  • Promotion of your posts to our social network communities (including your Twitter handles)
  • Recognition of your efforts and status via a special GovLoop Featured Blogger banner
  • A package of free GovLoop swag (t-shirts, stickers, and more)
  • Published articles and a great line on your resume
  • A free, half-hour career counseling session with GovLoop founder Steve Ressler
  • Feedback, writing tips and blog guidance with bi-weekly metrics reports for top trending articles

If you want to be a part of this prestigious program, it’s easy. All you have to do is email [email protected] with three blog post ideas, a writing sample and your resume. Please use the subject line “GovLoop Featured Blogger.”

Any questions? Leave a comment on this post or tweet @GovLoop. We look forward to your ideas, contributions and content.


We’ll be accepting applications until Friday, September 29th. Those selected to be featured bloggers will be notified the week of October 2nd. Featured bloggers will need to start writing once a week starting the week of October 23rd and will finish their stint in the beginning of January.


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Harrol R. Alexander

My interest is in helping people with disabilities to be able to have what they need to improve their quality of life. Then to be able to go for word in the work place for instance myself I have a learning disability so due to the fact that I learned to read with phonics back in the 50s I use every thing I can to improve my standards. No one wants to be considered illiterate or not being able to get their point across. I fail that people with disabilities have the right to be on the top Just like anyone. I have respect for others so I do not expect to be Talked down to or be treated as someone that has not done anything for my country. I served in the Army for 30 years and 22 years for the State of Texas and I had to fight every inch of the way for my rights. Just because a person has served in war does not mean that others were a valuable are doing things behind the scenes for training up purposes. With out training you cannot stay own top. I also had a blood disorder that was never found until I retired. over the years I have discovered that the sample is fixed is the best. Our fore fathers wrote our Constitution in a manner that anyone could understand and as far as I’m concerned I have read the Constitution and I find it easy to read and not written like a lawyer. so talk Strait are not at all.

Harrol R. Alexander

My biggest weakness is the hardest to talk about, spelling, writing, leaving out words, when my mind gets on a roll it goes so fast that when through I can not understand what I wrote.So I go at a snail’s pace. I have learned how to use Dragon fairly good if I did not have this program every one would have a good laugh so I write for me.Then I tell my stories when by Talking I have all ways came up with a way to get the job done.I was supervising when I was 17 in the Army I looked up what I needed to know in military books and use them like a dictionary. My military record stands on its own I am proud of my record. So when I did not know something I would come up with the way to get it done in my own way.