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Are Dashboards Dead? Or is Big Data Making them Relevant Again?

A couple of years ago it seemed you couldn’t talk about government without thinking about dashboards. They were everywhere. But then the fad started to fade.

But now with the emergence of big data and data analytics, dashboards are making a resurgence.

Rick Hartman is the COO and Co-Founder of OhMyGov. Hartman and John Salamone have written a new guide, Catching the Social Media Wave: Using Data to Drive Decisions. He told Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER program that dashboards allow leaders to quickly peruse data sets.

You can hear our conversation with John Salamone here.

The Value of the Dashboard

“Dashboards are regaining their value because with big data there is so much data out there. You have to ask yourself how do we use it, where it is most effective. What do we filter out? Leaders don’t have time to peel the onion back and have the full narrative, they need to have the relevant data at the touch of their fingertips. That’s what the dashboard does,” said Hartman.

Big Data Helps You Get the Message Right

“Social media and big data can really help you get your finger on the pulse. That way you can take your message to the people you are branding to and get them involved. Data makes that possible,” said Hartman.

Growth of Social Data

“What you are seeing now is the shift from the growth of social media properties to saying we have this information out there. We need to filter that information into a dashboard framework that targets the message so you can make more informed decisions. You need to have a different message targeted for each member of Congress. For the first ting in history everyone has a voice and can be heard. The only way to succeed in government is to take control of the narrative and get ahead of the story. The FAA got ahold of their sequestration storyline. They were able to make changes because they controlled the narrative. With data you can define your organization with facts instead of emotions,” said Hartman.

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