Are hackers more innovative than the government?

Right now there are more than a dozen cybersecurity bills floating around Congress. But are any of them going to be passed? And will they really make a difference?

Rob Rachwald is the Director of Security Strategy at Imperva.

He told Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER program about the biggest problems in the current cybersecurity bills.

Rachwald’s Two Major Cybersecurity Gaps

  1. Critical Infrastructure: A hacker who could take down the power grid
  2. Theft of Data and Intellectual Property

Compliance and Community:

  • Need to use the legislature to create a security community. Currently the good guys don’t share a lot of information, which is totally unlike the hackers who have a solid network. Collaboration is so complex because there is so much information to share and people share that information in different ways.
  • Compliance: government needs an independent auditor to come in and check off a series of things you have done or not done. “Do you want to comply with regulations or do you want to be hacked,” Rachwald said “The sticking point is always figuring out the right recipe of regulations.”

“As American’s we’re not used to being attacked. But in the wide world of the internet there are no borders so setting up our defenses takes us a little out of our comfort zone,” said Rachwald.

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