Ask GSA Your Question: GSA and GovLoop Hosting Twitter Townhall with Acting Administrator Dan Tangherlini

On Friday, April 5, at 10:30am ET, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Acting Administrator Dan Tangherlini (@DanGSA) will participate in a Twitter Townhall (#GSALive) in partnership with GovLoop, the knowledge network for government.

He will answer questions about his first year at GSA and where the agency is going in the future. Dan also wants to hear from the community about what you would like to see from the GSA.

What would you like to ask Dan?

Do you have a question about the future of acquisition? The innovative telework culture at GSA? Their use of internal collaboration tools? What’s on the road map for GSA in terms of products and services for agencies and citizens?

Leave your question in the comments below and the best questions on GovLoop will be answered during the chat.

You can also learn more at the GSA blog.

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Couple questions I have:

-What is your opinion of virtual conferences? Have you looked into it as a possible approach to replace GSA Expo or other GSA events cancelled?

-How do we drive more shared in savings procurement approaches? The tools are there, the budget requires it, businesses like the model, but adoption is still low amongst agencies and contracting officers


Good question submitted via email from a CO – ““How can we better convince customers that GSA’s products and services are worth the “tax” that GSA takes to pay for its operations?” I see reluctance on the part of my customers because they don’t want to be “taxed” my GSA”

Andrew Krzmarzick

My question: With Boomer retirement, budgets tightening and an increasingly mobile workforce, will GSA make a concerted effort to reduce its building / facilities footprint? If so, will you seek to restore green spaces where Federal buildings are located or simply sell them off and let the buyers decide what to do with them?


Another one from email:

-What’s the future of GSA Advantage? Is there any push to open up acquisition data such as GSA Advantage via APIs according to thinking behind Digital Gov Strategy

Laurel McFarland

2 questions for Dan:

  • Will GSA be participating in the new Pathways programs, esp. the Federal Internship and Recent Grads programs? How do you think agencies continue to recruit and develop new talent with critical skills amidst sequesters and all the negative press about government workers? Specifically, what will GSA be doing?
  • What do you see as the future for

Another question via email:

I would ask about what type of learning activities they are trying to
institute since they have cancelled a bunch of their conferences this
year. (canceled two summer conferences)

Back in December Tangherlini said that the “supply” agency would work
with other agencies to plan for sequestration budget reductions since
that would mean cutting back on everything from supplies to real
estate. — how is that process going?

How are you trying to keep innovation alive despite the cuts? Tell me
more about the Office of Strategic Innovation.


Another question via email:

GSA has cancelled events — and fewer GSA people are going to events. How does he view government events these days?

Jaime Gracia

You recently stated that GSA was able to save $300M using strategic sourcing, but those numbers conflict with other analyses, especially those from GAO. Will that analysis be made public? Is it being shared with other agencies for implementation? What is the methodology for the calculation?