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The Supreme Court’s “Inconsistent” History on Affirmative Action

I recently heard an assertion that the United States’ Supreme Court has acted “inconsistently” in regards to its affirmative action decisions, and decided that it was a strong enough claim that I ought to have an opinion myself. I know—what kind of crazy person would find this type of discussion interesting? Well, for better orRead… Read more »

How Do I Prioritize My Job Search?

Boy, this job market is an interesting one. I have every faith that the widely publicized economic recovery will happen, but I’m not completely convinced that it is happening just yet. From a job-searcher perspective small evidences exist, such as a growing number of jobs to apply to. However, an astounding number of these jobsRead… Read more »

A Necessary Contradiction: Merit-Based Systems and Diversity

Merit-based systems have dominated the federal, state and local human resources landscape for decades with the purpose of creating a process of employee advancement and job-seeker selection that is based on individual skills and abilities. The current issue of PA Times includes a press release related to a report (.pdf) published in December of 2009Read… Read more »