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Tips for Keeping Cloud Computing Compliant

Transworld Data CEO Mary Shacklett points out that getting IT involved in the beginning – before service contracts with the provider are signed – allows the IT team to help ensure all the technical bases are covered from the onset.

Data Center Consolidation Memo 02 26 10

Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative. The focus of this initiative is to: 1) Promote the use of Green IT 2) Reduce the cost of data center h/w,s/w and operations 3) Increase the overall IT security posture of the government; and 3) Shift IT investments to more efficient computing platforms and technologies…

Cloud Computing Conference & Expo

Cloud Computing 2010: Focus on Operational Efficiency and Security The Administration is taking an increased interest in the federal government’s move to cloud computing as a potential solution to capacity and complexity challenges as well as reducing IT maintenance costs. More attention must be paid to areas where the government has successfully implemented cloud solutionsRead… Read more »

DMTF Incubator

The DMTF Standards Incubation process enables like-minded DMTF members to work together to produce informational specifications that can later be fast-tracked through the standards development process. The incubation process is designed to foster and expedite open, collaborative, exploratory technical work that complements the DMTF mission to lead the development, adoption and promotion of interoperable managementRead… Read more »

Cloud Standards Wiki

Welcome to the Wiki site for Cloud Standards Coordination. The goal of this wiki is to document the activities of the various SDOs working on Cloud standards. Welcome to the Cloud Standards Wiki