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Note To TED, Local Projects and DIYcity: Nobody Owns the Web (Not Even You)

Last week TED announced their much-anticipated “City 2.0” project, the recipient of the 2012 TED Prize. City 2.0, The Atlantic states, is “a kind of global Wikipedia connecting citizens, political leaders, urban experts, companies, and organizations, with the goal of improving the 21st century city using up-to-the-minute crowdsourcing techniques.” Sounds pretty cool! But wait –Read… Read more »

My TEDxBigApple Talk [Video]

Here is the talk I gave at TEDxBigApple a few weeks ago, The Disruptive Future of Cities. I had a great time giving this talk. Would love to do more like this one. Give it a watch and let me know what you think. Tweet Original post

Embrace Disruption To Save The U.S. Postal Service

If your business revolves around charging people money to deliver their messages by hand over a period of days, how do you survive in a world where anyone can send anyone else a message for free instantaneously? That’s the question the U.S. Postal Service has been worriedly asking itself as it gazes into the mirrorRead… Read more »

Local CO2 Mapping Takes Off (With Your Help!)

Last week (or was it the week before?) I blogged about what I see as a big problem with the issue of global warming: contextualizing it as something “global” instead of local. When you frame something as global, it becomes nobody’s problem. When you frame it as local, it becomes everyone’s problem. I suggested weRead… Read more »

Please Stop Talking About Global Warming

Question: why don’t people talk more about climate change? It seems to me like something that should be a constant topic of conversation these days, especially given that 2010 was the biggest year ever for global CO2 output, exceeding the worst scenarios scientists had concocted. Yet whenever I bring it up – on Twitter, withRead… Read more »

3D Printing: Even More Disruptive Than That.

“3d printing is even more disruptive than you’re giving it credit for.” So says Kevin Kwok of Yale University, in a comment on Wednesday’s post about MakerBot and 3D printing. Kevin is totally right, which is why I had to write a follow-up post. In Wednesday’s post I was focusing on how 3D printing mayRead… Read more »

Is Your Company As Disruptive As MakerBot? Unlikely.

I don’t think many people are looking at MarkerBot right now and thinking “Oh my God, that is an insanely disruptive company.” But they should be. MakerBot is the Brooklyn-based startup that makes open source 3D printers. 3D printers are “printers” that you can print physical, three-dimensional objects with. Objects like plastic busts of people’sRead… Read more »