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The best gift you can give (or get): Feedback

Feedback is a gift.Think about it. If someone takes the time to share her perceptions of your work, your performance, that means she cares. She cares enough to take her time and energy to help you. It may not feel like a gift when you first get the feedback. Especially if it is negative. ButRead… Read more »

Women don’t want to be change agents

Working girls, working women, working mothers…women have changed the workplace. Some suggest that the future of work and business depends on women, and that women will change the ‘command and control’ structure of work as we currently know it in organizational life. That’s debatable, if you look at the rate women are fleeing many largerRead… Read more »

Riding the Leadership See-Saw

If you are a leader working in an organization, you know what I’m talking about. You are constantly having to ride the competition-cooperation see-saw. You must cooperate (to get and keep clients/get work done) and compete (for internal resources) simultaneously. Leaders who struggle with the competition-cooperation see-saw face constant anxiety, frustration and career ending jobs.Read… Read more »

When technology goes wild

What happens when technology conversions or implementations go wild? You get social patterns in your organization that look like cross-talk, territorial disputes, fear of technology, open and subtle resistance, running faster and harder (but going nowhere), wasted energy and resources. Over the years I’ve observed executives and senior leaders get so excited about adopting aRead… Read more »

Who I see struggling at work today

Although everyone is being challenged to some degree in today’s economy, I have noticed that some people are struggling more than others. Here are the folks, in particular, that I see struggling … The unconnected I’m not talking about online social networks and such. I’m talking about folks who have not spent the time orRead… Read more »

2009 Best Places to Work – Rankings for Federal Government

Here’s the Partnership for Public Service and American University Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation 2009 rankings for the best places to work in the federal government. Best Places to Work in the Federal Government You can dig deeper into the report and find rankings for large, small and agency departments. Looks likeRead… Read more »