Posts By Nancy Dailey, Ph.D.

Say THIS next time you attend a Chamber event

Attend any local chamber or social function, meet somebody new, the first thing asked of you: what do you do? In this new digital world, it’s getting harder to answer that question because you’re probably doing more than one thing. That’s where your brand, how you package yourself/your business, especially online, becomes important. What doRead… Read more »

They tried to make us go to rehab. But we said “no,no,no.”

Teams need rehab too. And they can resist it as much as Amy Winehouse. How would you know if your team needed rehab? Here are a couple of clues … The team leader needs to intervene between team members regularly. For example, Team Member “A” ignores Team Member “B’s” repeated requests for information on aRead… Read more »

Two thoughts, one brain, no problem

“Don’t tell me how to think!” I’m sure at some point you’ve heard someone sputtering this in anger. But you won’t hear it from successful leaders. Why? Because they opened their minds to learn how to think. Specifically, they have learned how to do integrative thinking. These leaders have trained themselves to hold two opposingRead… Read more »

Up-sell change as a leader

You know things have to change; “business as usual” is a guarantee to fail. You keep saying to yourself: “It’s insanity to keep doing the same thing and expect different results.” If you are managing from the middle, at the senior or middle management level, the ability to upsell change is a necessary skill toRead… Read more »

Leaders: knowing how to handle acquaintances, friends and lovers

Do you know who needs to be treated like trusted lovers, just friends or passing acquaintances? Successful leaders know how to manage the level of intimacy required to cultivate a range of relationships. Technology, especially with the advent of social media (Facebook LinkedIn, etc.), and search (Google, etc.) has made work life far more intimateRead… Read more »