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GovLoop Member of the Week – Henry Brown

Andrew Krzmarzick spoke with Henry, and their discourse provides great insight into our Member of the Week! 1. You are an uber-contributor to the GovLoop community (to say the least) – how/when did you first find out about it and what was your reaction? And what made you get so active? Read about GovLoop inRead… Read more »

Member of the Week – John Nelson

I spoke with John Nelson, the Privacy Officer for the Food Safety and Inspections Service at the Department of Agriculture. His efforts are at the forefront of personal privacy development and safeguarding. He aptly describes how privacy issues have far reaching affects, and why protection of personal privacy interests requires a proactive approach. The talkRead… Read more »

Member of the Week – Savi Swick

I had the opportunity to speak with Savi Swick who works for the Health and Human Services Agency for the County of San Diego. She is deeply engaged in many county initiatives to better serve the community. I appreciate the time she took to discuss her role and ambitions. Thank you Savi! 1. What isRead… Read more »