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Tips for data breach victims

If you shop, play video games or blog, your information may have been compromised as part of a recent pile-up of data breaches. We tell you what to do to minimize the chance that thieves make off with your money or destroy your credit. Original post

Beware of bin Laden spam and computer viruses

Malware purporting to contain information on Osama bin Laden is all over the Internet. This malicious software or “malware” can embed itself in computers and spread to users’ contact lists, infecting the systems of associates, friends and family members, the FBI warned today. Original post

Storybook Lane ordered to refund shoppers — again

Storybook Lane, an online company previously sued by the Washington Attorney General’s Office, must once again refund consumers nationwide. The Kennewick-based company, which sells home décor for children’s bedrooms, violated the terms of a 2008 settlement by failing to deliver orders, issue refunds and respond to customer inquiries. Original post

Cyber thieves hacking business accounts, Sending money to China

Cyber criminals are hacking bank accounts of small-to-medium size businesses in the U.S. and sending unauthorized wire transfers to Chinese economic and trade companies located near the Russian border, the FBI warned today. Between March 2010 and April 2011, authorities identified 20 incidents leading to $11 million in losses and about $20 million in attemptedRead… Read more »

Marriage scams

Marriage is give and take- don’t let a wedding scam take you by surprise. From bogus bridal shows to fake dress labels and no-show vendors, scam artists are out to cash in on the big day. Original post