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Evidence-based analysis of sustainability initiatives. Part 3: Subsidies and externalities.

Energy production from fossil fuels is estimated to cause 30,000 excess deaths per year in the US from pollution. More US citizen die every year from this pollution than the cumulative deaths from all the years of our recent wars. It causes an estimated 400,000 deaths worldwide. On top of this, its global warming costsRead… Read more »

Evidence-based analysis of sustainability initiatives – Part 2: There is no such thing as “clean energy”.

Utilities are claiming that natural gas plants produce relatively clean energy compared to other fossil-fuel electricity producing plants such as coal-fired facilities. Some are promoting this as a bridge until renewable energy sources become the norm. Unfortunately, over a period of 25 years, natural gas plants create more global warming than coal- fired plants.… Read more »

Evidence-based analysis of sustainability initiatives – Part 1: Ungreen at any speed

Much has been made about reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution through the production and use of hybrid and/or electrical vehicles. Many companies and governmental jurisdictions are rushing to buy such vehicles, and/or to construct charging stations. However, if one considers the life-cycle of carbon emissions, it turns out that H/EVs are more damaging thanRead… Read more »