Best of 2010: Top GovLoop Videos

We’ve going through the top just about anything you can think of for GovLoop in 2010. As an ex TV person this next category is a little near and dear to my heart… videos. Honestly we didn’t have thousands upon thousands of videos on GL this year but believe me that’s a goal for 2011, but for now will keep it in 2010 and start the countdown.

5.) Mr. Diplopedia: So the State Dept. has a wiki and pretty much no one in house or out of house knew about it. To get the word out you have 2 options 1: send out a boring e-mail telling everyone to use the wiki… yawn OR 2: make a cheesy yet cool video that shows people what they can learn/do on the wiki.

4.) Open Government The Movie: This one has almost been forgotten being posted in January but it’s too good not to make the list. You’ll see a lot of Gov 2.0 faces that you’ll recognize in this one but they basically outline why Open Gov is important and that still holds true almost a year later.

“Open Gov the Movie” – from Delib from Delib on Vimeo.

3.) Candace Riddle and Kristy Fifelski’s Next Generation of Government Videos: Back in the summer we asked people to tell us about cool things they were doing in government to win tickets to the Next Generation of Government Summit. Well both Candace and Kristy knocked it out of the park with these two great vids.

2.) The H1N1 Rap by Dr. Clarke: If I didn’t some how work a rap into this countdown Steve (Mr. GovLoop) would probably kill me. But I’m not sure the Health Dept. could have asked for a more creative fun video to get the word out about the H1N1 and prevention. Kudos to Dr. Clarke for being the smoothest Dr. not currently on a trashy sitcom.

1.) Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review: This one isn’t super governmenty but it’s awesome and was posted on GovLoop. Google has done some cool things with our site this year and having them as a partner ROCKS. Plus in the spirit of doing best of lists for 2010 I think we should have a 2010 recap video on the list.

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