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3 Customer Personas Your Customer Service Department Should Be Ready For

Knowing who your customers are is essential to having any successful business venture. I’m not talking about knowing their names or their locations (those are important) but knowing what makes them tick and their personalities is far more valuable. In our recent report: The Customer Service Playbook for Government, we go through all the waysRead… Read more »

And The Highest Paid Employee Is…

A month back, Mr. GovLoop took a look at the pay grades of ESPN staff and federal workers. The findings were pretty interesting and it was a little bit of a mixed bag on who came out on top. Well browsing the web today I found another article where the pay scale of the sportsRead… Read more »

3 Models of Citizen Engagement

Our government is supposed to be a government for the people by the people. We really don’t specify who “the people” are so it’s probably safe to assume that it means everyone. I know the process works so most everyone can participate in it BUT the problem is that a majority of them don’t takeRead… Read more »

Big Data, The CliffNotes Version

Everyone had that teacher who would say “If you learn one thing from this class, I want it to be…” Well that’s what we’re doing with our Big Data Guide. Maybe you aren’t a Big Data expert but let’s be honest everyone is talking about it so you should probably be familiar with the nutsRead… Read more »

Beating the Sequester With a Can’t Do Attitude

This just in. YOU DON’T HAVE TO TAKE THE SEQUESTER LAYING DOWN. Yep, that’s right make enough noise and you to can find funding for your entire operation. Don’t believe me? Just read this excerpt from the Washington Post: Last week, President Obama signed a spending bill that gave the Agriculture Department’s food inspectors whatRead… Read more »

Yahoo! or Oh No! No More Telework?

This just in an ailing company has decided that banning telework is the way to get themselves back on track. Yahoo! released a memo last week that tells employees that telework is no longer acceptable and that employees need to physically be in the office in order to effectively collaborate and communicate. According to Yahoo!Read… Read more »