Best of USAJobs Jan. 24

USAJobs can be a great resource for those looking to enter public service for the first time or career public servants interested in finding new job opportunities. To help promote interest in the site and the thousands of jobs it has listed, GovLoop highlights some of the more interesting opportunities available in a blog post each week. Welcome to the latest edition of our exciting federal employment opportunities roundup!

  1. Historic Ship Rigger

If the words “worming, parceling, serving, splicing, seizing, and tarring” mean something to you, then the National Park Service has a unique opportunity for you. They’re looking for someone to work on a “traditionally rigged, square-rigged sailing vessel.” Click here to view the job.

  1. Meatcutting Worker

This job is not for the very squeamish. This job is not for the slightly squeamish, or even the remotely squeamish. But if you’re comfortable processing beef, pork, veal, and lamb into presentable cuts of meat, then the Defense Commissary Agency could use your help. Click here to view the job (or don’t if you’re squeamish).

  1. Woodcrafter

If you’re confident in your ability to repair fine furniture and cabinetwork, then the National Gallery of Art would like to hear from you. They’re looking for someone with experience working with all kinds of wood and carpentry tools. Click here to view the job.

  1. Criminal Investigator

Finance might not sound that exciting, but what if it involved money laundering and tax evasion? The Internal Revenue Service is seeking someone with experience investigating financial crimes who can do everything from examining accounting records to raiding offices. Click here to view the job.

  1. Recreation Specialist

Want to help the children of servicemembers have fun in Japan? The Department of the Air Force is looking for someone to plan and supervise recreational activities at the Youth Center on Yokota AB. Click here to view the job.


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