Best of USAJobs Mar. 6

USAJobs can be a great resource for those looking to enter public service for the first time or career public servants interested in finding new job opportunities. To help promote interest in the site and the thousands of jobs it has listed, GovLoop highlights some of the more interesting opportunities available in a blog post each week. Welcome to the latest edition of our exciting federal employment opportunities roundup.

1. Lead IT Specialist

If you know your way around a computer and have a passing familiarity with cumulonimbus clouds, this position with the National Weather Service could be for you. It’s looking for an experienced IT leader to analyze and troubleshoot software, as well as manage a team of specialists. Click here to view the job.

2. Cook

If you’ve always been a secret Anthony Bourdain or Julia Childs, this is a chance to turn your passion into a full-time job. The Forest Service is looking for someone who can cook both quantity and quality, and can keep track of stock, prevent food spoilage, and order new supplies. Click here to view the job.

3. Forensic Chemist

Do you want to help the families of POW/MIA military personnel get answers? The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency is looking for someone to “serve as the Agency’s expert in the theory, practice and application of chemometrics.” If that sounds like you, consider applying. Click here to view the job.

4. Intelligence Specialist

Do you consider yourself intelligent? Would you like to work in intelligence? Then consider applying for this job with the Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System. They need someone to “plan, coordinate, and synthesize research from other analysts to prepare Intelligence products and responses.” Click here to view the job.

5. Plumber

How would you like to work in the National Gallery of Art? You’d be taking care of all their plumbing needs, from hot water and sewage to sprinkler systems and more. Consider applying if you like art and feel confident in your plumbing abilities. Click here to view the job.

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