Big Data, The CliffNotes Version

Everyone had that teacher who would say “If you learn one thing from this class, I want it to be…”

Well that’s what we’re doing with our Big Data Guide. Maybe you aren’t a Big Data expert but let’s be honest everyone is talking about it so you should probably be familiar with the nuts and bolts.

Here’s your Big Data cheat sheet:

Just click in and read these two pages and you’ll come away with the who, what, where, when and why of Big Data faster than an AP news minute.

Our cheat sheet also includes some key vocab so you can talk like one of the pros. As well as quick 4 step outline to implementing Big Data initiatives.

The cheat sheet is a great resources to get smart quick but as always the book is better than the synopsis. So be sure to check out the full guide when you get a chance.

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