Blunders Happen

Like anything, we often have the best intentions in our creative initiatives and miss the mark. Hence, the fail fast concept. Sometimes we get so excited to unveil a new idea or experiment, we have laser focus and don’t see the big picture. I’ve noticed a few of these blunders and faux pas lately, and thought I’d share one in particular.


I am a huge supporter of this program. I’ve shared this with countless mothers-to-be and plan on using it myself someday. However, when I saw this billboard I thought – EEK! A billboard promoting texting? Texting and driving? Dislike.

What blunders have you seen?

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Dannielle Blumenthal

Blunder Part I. Photo Prints

Trying to recall the confusing CVS sign promising low-priced digital photo prints (from memory so not exact):

“If you want them TODAY the charge will be X

“If you want them TOMORROW the charge will be Y

“If you want them NEXT WEEK the charge will be Z

“**Note that a MINIMUM number of prints is required for the X price**”

It’s like Las Vegas…am I getting a good deal or aren’t I? Hard to tell!

A blunder on their part because I don’t want to get involved with the whole mess.

Blunder Part II. Self-Checkout

I can’t recall one self-checkout at CVS that hasn’t ended with the bell going off and the computer voice chiming, “One moment please. Help is on the way.”

It’s not my fault if I changed my mind about the smoked almonds. Or if the weight of the Arizona tea doesn’t match the weight the computer has on file. A ten-minute delay every time, and the customer service people always look REALLY annoyed that you’ve “wasted” their time.

– Dannielle

Christopher Whitaker

I have a rule – it’s my rule #1 actually.

Rule #1: You can’t fix stupid

It’s like the Force – it flows all around us and connects us all. It’s unstoppable. All you can to is prepare for the inevitable s*#t-storm that will come. Things like Hurricane Katrina (not fixing the levies prior to the storm), Teenage drivers (seat-belts), and the election of certain politicians

Sam Allgood

Maybe the billboard designers and the city tweeting road closures assume that those using the service immediately would be passengers, not drivers. Sure, some drivers are going to violate that assumption, but, like Chris’s rule, You can’t fix stupid!