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What Will You Do This 9/11?

September 11 is the National Day of Service and Remembrance. This PSA video will send chills running up your spine. Take action and commit to doing something good today! MyGoodDeed and HandsOn Network, the volunteer activation divisions of Points of Light Institute, have built a movement of people who pledge to do a good deedRead… Read more »

How to Successfully Date Your Subscribers (Or, How to Send Great Emails)

One of GovDelivery’s Client Success Consultants, Bandar El-Eita recently came up with a helpful metaphor on email (or as GovDelivery calls them, bulletins) sending best practices. His thinking is that the process of encouraging a new citizen to sign up and read your bulletins is akin to the process of dating. That is, when aRead… Read more »

Want to Get ‘er Done? Introducing My 3-Part Strategy

It’s a new year, and a new fresh chance at our ever-enduring quest to be a little more awesome. And alongside that fresh chance, comes a fresh slew of blogs, books, trainings, and talks on Goal/Resolution/Theme/How to Kick Ass-setting. As a personal addict of self-improvement, I admit, I read my fair share of this saidRead… Read more »

16 Communication Tips to Live By

(Image source) Want to rise up? Have a healthy, long, fulfilling career? Be a good communicator. All the brains, money, and effort isn’t enough if you can’t represent yourself well over your life. I just read this wonderful article on the Top 10 Best and Worst Communicators of 2011 and from it distilled 16 communicationRead… Read more »

Why is Driving Innovation & Details on the Latest Livestreamed this Thursday, 11/10 at 12:30pm EST

INNOVATION AT ITS BEST: CHALLENGE.GOV: Government has made a ton of progress in innovation over the last few years. And many will find it hard to disagree that some of the most innovative citizen creations have been catalyzed and precipitated with the launch of What is it? is simply a place where theRead… Read more »