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Budgeteers Unite! Rockstar Budget and Program Analysts Lead the Way to Gov 2.0

Did you know GovLoop has a group called “Budgeteers”?

It was created by the American Association for Budget and Program Analysis (AABPA) to gather practitioners and academics in the fields of budget and program analysis.

They held an event today at the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC, under the theme, “Budgeting in a Changing Environment: The New Normal.” Several GovLoopers participated in the day, and I had the chance to moderate a panel (special thanks to Juliet Vargas for the invitation) that included:

Mary Davie, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Assisted Acquisition Services, Federal Acquisition Service, U.S. General Services Administration
– Shannon Finnegan, Senior Analyst, Strategic Issues, U.S. Government Accountability Office
JoAnna Berry, Web and Data Librarian, U.S. Government Accountability Office
Phil Wenger, Deputy Policy Lead, Budget Formulation and Execution Line of Business

Each of them highlighted their great projects, from Mary Davie’s Acquisition 2.0 group here on GovLoop and the Better Buy Project crowdsourcing site to GAO’s RecoveryAct.gov wiki to OMB’s MAX Community. Check out our slides below.

BY THE WAY: GovLoop wants to build out it’s Scribd and Slideshare sites, making them a repository of great content for other government employees. If you have slides or documents for us to include, please add a link in the comments below.

AABPA Panel – Web 2 0 – Nov 24 2009

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Matthew Potter

These are great presentations but the issue I face with the Army is getting people to use these kind of tools. The Army invested in on-line meeting software and pushed it out to everyone’s PC. I have attended one on-line meeting in over five years. We still pay a lot of money for travel for face-to-face meetings that could be handled by VTC or on-line collaboration. What will change this mindset? That doesn’t even start to delve into the security challenges we have for using our IT assets.

Andrew Krzmarzick

Hi Matthew – I think we have to make the business case…start counting those travel dollars and ask: “Is there a higher value or higher impact activity that better supports our mission where this money could be allocated?” If yes, then let’s use more cost effective ways – like VTC and online collaboration – to get work done. For the Army, it’s all about the mission, right? I’d say the argument has to tie back to reason you serve: to support the soldiers.