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Myth Busters Campaign in Full Swing to Improve Public/Private Sector Communications

As part of an effort to reform the federal acquisition process for technology, US Federal CIO, Vivek Kundra, unveiled an ambitious 25-point plan for addressing many of the issues that plaque the way the government purchases technology in hopes of delivering more value to the taxpayer. Part of the implementation plan was to counter theRead… Read more »

Fixing IT Acquisition is About Execution, not Just Personnel

From The Acquisition Corner According to recent reporting by Federal Times on the state of federal information technology (IT) acquisition and program management, the Government is ill prepared to purchase and manage large scale IT programs due to poorly trained staff, and poor collaboration with industry. Certainly contributing factors, but the issues are much moreRead… Read more »

Improving Federal Acquisitions: Let’s Do It Right

Over on Federal Computer Week, Dr. Steve Kelman has written several blog posts on The Lectern in a series of issues related to improving federal acquisitions and communications, specifically information technology projects. Although I have commented on the specific blog posts, I wanted to have a more in depth discussion here. Improving Federal IT AcquisitionsRead… Read more »

Behind the Curtain: Communications in the Acquisition Process

From The Acquisition Corner With the end of the fiscal year comes the right of passage for government contracting personnel and contractors alike; the end-of year budget dump or as I like to call it, the end of fiscal year feeding frenzy. This time of year is characterized by the worst practices in federal contracting:Read… Read more »

Performance Based Contracting Needs a Continued Push through Acquisition 2.0

Why has it been so difficult to execute performance-based contracting? Certainly the complexities of modern-day service contracting play a part, but as Steve Kelman, former administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy points out, it has been a frustrating and slow moving initiative making little headway in proper execution of these methods. …There isRead… Read more »

Acquisition 2.0 Starts With FAR 2.0

Originally posted on BetterBlog, this official blog of the Better Buy Project. Let me first apologize to Andy Krzmarzick, as I have been promising a post on performance-based contracting and how it relates to the Better Buy Project and the Acquisition 2.0 initiative. I actually started that post, but put in on hold a bitRead… Read more »

Execution is the Key to Improving the Federal Acquisition Process

From The Acquisition Corner As 2009 is now in the books, the year ended with plans submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) by the 24 federal agencies that account for 98% of contract actions. As reported by NextGov, these agencies have identified $19 billion in acquisition-related savings, also announced by OMB inRead… Read more »

Moving The Better Buy Project Forward: An Exercise in Change

From The Better Buy Project blog After attending the recent Better Buy Project panel this past week, I blogged about my observations and some issues that came up from that conversation. That lively discussion continued on the GovLoop Acquisition 2.0 community. Although many commentators took different takes, I think we all agreed that one ofRead… Read more »

Budgeteers Unite! Rockstar Budget and Program Analysts Lead the Way to Gov 2.0

Did you know GovLoop has a group called “Budgeteers”? It was created by the American Association for Budget and Program Analysis (AABPA) to gather practitioners and academics in the fields of budget and program analysis. They held an event today at the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC, under the theme, “Budgeting in a Changing Environment:Read… Read more »

Increasing Competition Means Raising the Bar on Value

From The Acquisition Corner As part of the Obama Administration’s call for reform of the federal acquisition process, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) recently issued a second set of memos with guidance on increasing competition for better outcomes. These memos are a continuation of original OMB guidance released in July, which outlined waysRead… Read more »