Calling all Presidential Management Fellows!

Do you remember what it was like starting your two year journey as a Presidential Management Fellow?

Remember the experience was a whirlwind of confusion and questions as you interviewed for a half dozen positions – some in agencies you had never heard of! I’m sure it did not get any easier when you had to manage multiple job offers! What did you spend your first months on the job doing? Memorizing acronyms, avoiding pitfalls, and/or writing an IDP?

I bet you wish that there had been some sort of “PMF’s Guide to the Galaxy” to help them along the path of public service. What to do the first day, week, month, or year? What are the pitfalls and trouble spots to avoid? How do I foster relationships with my non-PMF coworkers? What resources are at my disposal? What is “success?”

GovLoop is working with a cohort of OPM Presidential Management Fellows to develop a Guide to Being a PMF. The document will help incoming and current PMFs make the most of their fellowship experience.

You can help us by submitting your own tips, quotes, stories, and testimonials. What do you wish you had known? What tidbits of wisdom can you share about the interview process or managing your fellowship? Do you have an insightful or funny story? Do you have recommendations for those transitioning from the public sector or the military?

Please submit any material or questions by April 18th (yes, Tax Day!) to Kevin Carter at Kevin[email protected] or Tarryn Reddy at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can post your submissions on the GovLoop PMFs and Alumni group page.

Thanks Kevin for your input. Can’t wait to hear about all of your experiences!

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