Can you be the next government innovator?

GovLoop’s 4th Annual Government Innovators Virtual Summit is less than a month away! In anticipation of our all-day training event, each week we’ll share snippets of information that will be elaborated on throughout the trainings. The free summit will be on April 22nd, starting at 10 AM ET — be sure to check out the schedule and register so you can attend up to 5 trainings (and earn up to 5 CPE credits), download over 200+ resources and network with your government peers.


The world is always presenting new challenges for our government. Constantly evolving situations require the government to remain prepared for any changing scenario while thinking innovatively to find the best possible solution, even if this means implementing an unprecedented approach. In fact, we all saw an example of this on Wednesday, when Governor Jerry Brown of California imposed the first ever statewide water usage restrictions in an effort to combat the adverse effects of the drought.

Governor Brown’s revolutionary efforts are completely necessary during this water crisis. But how is the government going to respond to these massive changes while effectively easing the rising concerns from the California public? What if government workers across the country could anticipate and react in a timely manner to rapid changes while generating the most efficient and effective policy responses?

This can actually happen – and it can be achieved through the operational approach called business process management (BPM).

BPM can be applied at all levels across any government agency. This approach allows organizations to rapidly deliver agile and adaptive applications that result in the most positive outcome for any problem. Traditional approaches are unable to keep pace with the ever-evolving environment; therefore, it is necessary for government workers to implement a more effective system.

During our upcoming “Gone Agile: How Government Can Meet Citizens’ Rising Expectations” training, experts will help you learn how to utilize BPM in your department to create continuous value for your agency and the citizens you serve. Specifically, the training will focus on how BPM can meet changing citizen needs through technological applications. Lessons learned will be shared on how to build intuitive mobile applications for rapid adoption while increasing citizen engagement in the services the government has available. And you will hear from Tim Nolan, the Senior Applications Manager in Collin County, Texas, and Lizzie Epstein, Appian Sr. Solutions Consultant.

It is essential for government workers to maximize the benefits of BPM to increase productivity while easing IT burdens within agencies. YOU can be the next groundbreaking government employee by following BPM principles and utilizing progressive technological applications.

Gone Agile: How Government Can Meet Citizens’ Rising Expectations” is a part of GovLoop’s Government Innovators Virtual Summit, an all-day virtual event that consists of five different trainings, networking opportunities, and resources to help you get better at your job. Don’t forget to register for free so you don’t miss out on hearing from experts such as Tim Nolan on how they address the ever-evolving environment, specifically technology advances. You’ll earn one continuing professional education (CPE) credit in computer science for attending this session – so make sure to register here!

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