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It is no secret that Esri and their GIS software have expanded beyond land use mapping. GIS can be used in almost any area of research and planning. This technology is changing the way industry and government are thinking about our future. With all their success, many professionals are still not aware of how GIS can make their work more innovative and efficient. Esri is working to fill this lack of knowledge at the Federal GIS Conference on February 9-10, 2015.

The conference brings together over 3000 government employees to discuss best practices, ideas, and more. The attendees will be subject to several intensive trainings that will further their proficiency on the geographic approach to decision making.

As a graduate student in environmental and energy policy, I have seen GIS used literally all over the world. I had the honor of spending the last three weeks in Indonesia studying the sustainable ecosystems. I saw GIS utilized to map deforestation and flooding. But, I also saw areas where GIS could help enhance policymaking decisions that would better serve the government and people. As a current student that has the desire to work in public service one day, I know that GIS is essential to reduce threats against our future.

Esri’s Federal GIS Conference is giving government employees the chance to make their impact now. The conference will focus on subjects that will leave attendees able to:

  • Base decisions on reliable, more complete information.
  • Clearly identify issues and respond intelligently.
  • Foster innovation and collaboration through operations.
  • See the bigger picture, visualizing patterns and trends.
  • Share information with colleagues, other organizations, and the public

Join the future leaders and innovators of the government at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C. on February 9-10, 2015. Register today by clicking here!

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Patrick Fiorenza

This is great – I’ve been to the conference the past few years and is always fantastic. Hope to meet a bunch of feds again this year! Thanks for sharing.