CityCamp Announces New Website!

Have you seen the slick new CityCamp website?

Here you go:

Notice some of the great features:

Start a Camp: Right now, the site is just collecting information about interested CityCampers, but my hunch is it will develop into a resource page with “How-To” guides and tips for bringing it to your hometown.

Blog: Get the latest scoop on CityCamp developments.

– Calendar: Once some more camps are on the books (like London and Atlanta), we can all promote (and plan to attend!) upcoming events.

– Connect: From Facebook to GovLoop to hashtags and more, here’s where you can friend and follow the movement.

– Videos: What happened in Washington and Chicago? Check out the sweet vids with key participants.

– Wiki: Lots of the planning is happening in this dedicated, collaborative space. Be sure to share your input.

If you have more questions, contact Kevin Curry.

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Martha Garvey

Thanks. Am hoping the folks in my town are engaged in this. (Fabulous Hoboken, home of the Cake Boss, birthplace of Frank Sinatra.) If not, I’ll let them know.