CityCamp Digital City ideas

What should a digital city do?

-Solve school board problem

-All connected

-Very confusing

-Bunch of info needs to take action on
-What does community want?

-Digital is data and info…but people

-Digital portal –

-3D world of the ctiy

-X-ray of pipes

-Bus systems – virtually

-Shrinks the city and county of village

-find out what is there, im not a stranger

-know what to do,

-put data in visual form

-whats going in town, restaurants open,

-whats going on right now,

-#1 – Digital Infrastructure

-#2 – not centralized – common platform – newspapers, blogs, city, county
-#3 – Services – any service can be done digitally
-what is making life easier

-gov’t – has to make costs and efficiency

-more available by ease

-open parking slots – drive you to parking garages, takes people off streets

Economic development

-why company here

-because they are doing things progressive

-what doing as a city to bring to bear to information
-good information

-what is a sister city? survey data

Standardized data

-put everyone on map

Data-driven city is a digital city

-looking for

200 cites

-publicity is hardest part

-text 4 help

What to do with data

Public participation done digitally

-entire city know about it

-Can’t show up Tuesday at 2pm tonight

-City council meetings televised but how do you

-Back channel tool for Twitter

-Becomes a document that you can converse

Has to reach out to pockets
-local concerns

My Raleigh page –
-tell me whats going on, zoning, comprehensive plan
-in context they care about

Competing with people’s time

Filters are key – so much information, what really need at a certain time,

Twitter as tool to push to primary source

Digital City – Toolkit, How-To

Roll up – can’t be on its own island but has to be connected

How to

Confluence of busienss + government
-who is point of interests

Subscriber list – on home page website

Has to be graphical

-customer focused

-Packaged the info so its useful

What people really want to see

People just want government to just work so they can focus on what they do

-so easily they could

Digital city – digital infrastructure, government as enabler


-data-driven, read my mind

-data is open and available

-communication, outreach, publicity


-digital services

-government is one part of a digital city – citizens, companies

Digital access point

-20 departments in city

Public/private partnerships

Ask what citizens what they want

Great neighborhoods make great city

Provide the services – water, sewer, infrastructure

Base level of information

My Raleigh
-What to do
-Community resources


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