Coming Soon: New GovLoop

Hey GovLoopers-

I wanted to let you know that based on all of your awesome input and feedback over the past few years, we have been cooking up some magic and are rolling out a bunch of new updates to the GovLoop platform this upcoming Monday.

I’m super excited with the changes we’ve got in store. Without getting too techy, we’ve completely restructured our base platform and will be migrating to a much more flexible and secure system. This step alone means so much for you, our community members, and your ability to engage one with another as well as our ability to build awesome new features for GovLoop. A few of those features you will get to play with on Monday, others will be coming fast throughout the remainder of the year.

In addition to all the platform and feature upgrades, as an added bonus, we will be rolling out a slick new look and feel as well. I won’t say much about it now (you’ll have to wait and see), but do expect more details on what’s new and what’s improved on Monday. We’ll also be opening a forum thread for reporting any bugs and feedback.

Now, on to logistics – another reason we wanted to let you know about the changes today is that you may start noticing little quirks or odd behavior around the site as the upgrades and data migration process happen in the background. We don’t anticipate any down time as we make the changes, but we did want to give you a heads up just in case! Also, we will not be approving any new blogs or discussions during this time so we can minimize the possibility of losing anything in the shuffle (not ideal, I know, but necessary to the migration). Making these changes is a pretty big job and we appreciate your patience!

Again, we’re all looking forward to next week and we hope you are too. Let me know if you have any questions either below in the comments or at steve at govloop dot com.

Keep being awesome,


P.S. Want a GovLoop sticker to represent in your office? Email steve @ with the best mailing address and I’ll send one your way.

P.P.S. P.S. I want to thank the fine folks at 10up who are helping us on this project.  Also thanks to Peter Slutsky at Automattic/Wordpress for helping out.  And the fearless Jeff Ribeira on the GovLoop team for leading the charge.

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