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Common Cloud Modernization Obstacles 

Agencies are constantly thinking about ways to serve the public more effectively, presently and in the future. 

A cloud-based IT infrastructure lets your agency modernize and innovate but putting it in place often comes with challenges.  

Here are common obstacles to cloud adoption that you might encounter:   

  • Unrealistic cloud expectations: Cloud is complicated, as it tasks technology teams with managing not just data and application migrations, but also solving issues around security, governance and multi-cloud management.  
  • Not considering workload dependencies: In addition to technical dependencies — the underlying hardware and software resources — workloads have other dependencies as well. IT teams need to think about how data flows in and out of the system, for example, to ensure optimal performance.  
  • Failure to prioritize key workloads: An agency may not take the time to identify and prioritize workloads that are most suited for cloud migration. By treating all workloads as essentially equal, they may fail to give sufficient attention to their highest-value processes.   

If you’re ready to overcome those obstacles and get a few tips on creating a solid cloud strategy, download this quick resource to get best practices for a smooth migration and become a forward-thinking agency. 

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