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Art at Hillsboro baseball park to respond to Hops fans with lights and music

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The High Five

  1. Does Light Rail Really Encourage People to Stop Driving? No, but it does pull them off buses, if a new study of British systems is any indicator.

  2. Poll Finds Oregonians Open to Property Tax Changes – Lawmakers in Salem are considering many changes in Oregon’s property tax system, hoping to address issues of fairness,compression and, in some cases, they’re trying to bust the limits created by ballot measures over the past 23 years.

  3. Springfield bidding for fan favorite in contest – The city’s idea for mobile health care units could become a reality if it wins a philanthropic contest

  4. Time to bag it – Within weeks Eugene shoppers must give up their plastic habit

  5. Is Boston Ready for an Apartment Building That Bars Cars? The architect Sebastian Mariscal begins his plans for any future project with the same question, one that has little to do with the aesthetics of a building or the experience of the people who will one day use it. “When I design a building,” he says, “the first thing I have to resolve is my parking.” He means, by this, that he must weigh requirements in most city codes mandating aspecific ratio of off-street parking spaces for each new unit of housing or office space.

I’m Just a Bill


Sen. Tim Knopp moves to protect Oregon seniors & disabled

‘Keep right’ driving law proposed for Oregon

Committee will hear prison reform bill

A dozen gun control bills introduced

Death penalty opponents seek Oregon vote

The Fiscal Cliff

Sidney, Australia

Kitzhaber calls sequester a “meat-axe approach” and says “the math just doesn’t add up”

Will the real CRC project please stand up?

Why most Americans are yawning over ‘sequester’ – and why that matters

Union Gap refers its judge to the state for mishandling money & bad behavior

Survey: Budget impasse is holding back economy

Spending Cuts Are Only One Skirmish in 2013 Budget Wars

Who would get hit hard by cuts? Depends who you are.

Commissioner Saltzman puts $10,000 toward Children’s Levy renewal: Portland City Hall roundup

Outside Portlandia

Metalmorphosis Mirror Fountain by David Černý. Layers rotate and line up as a face only occasionally. Charlotte, NC

Yakima County proposes big hike in fees to developers

Answers won’t come until Lebanon hires a new city manager

Retired Laguna Niguel city manager leaves with fond memories

Trial begins for suspect in Mill City City Hall fire

Pacific mayor fires second city clerk

Obie’s plan for downtown Eugene gets green light

57 applicants for Bainbridge police chief

Interim Vancouver police chief aims for top job

Washougal-Camas fire merger backed

Clark County extends development-fee holiday

Councilmember’s healthful-snack proposal may not be easy to swallow

A year later, Tacoma councilman’s business still lacks license

The Career Center

Daliesque - the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

444 Most Popular Job Interviewer Questions To Prepare Yourself With – Some of these questions are what you’d expect. Some of these questions frankly don’t make much sense. And some of these questions are shocking and possibly offensive.

Younger Workers Need a Career Narrative – Senior executives in professional firms aspire to match the right people to the right work, but here, these senior executives don’t have enough to go on. Facing pressure to staff a project quickly, there’s little to stop them from assuming that Greg wants his next assignment to be just like projects he’s done in the past.

A Call to Action

garden sculpture...I want these guys!

Willamette University MBA for Business, Government and Not-for-Profit Management Preview Day – Willamette University’s Early Career and Career Change MBA is hosting a Preview Day for prospective students on Saturday, March 2nd from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM. You are invited to visit the Salem, Oregon campus, connect with current students, experience a sample class, meet Willamette MBA alumni and answer your questions about life in the Willamette Early Career and Career Change MBA program.

Join live chat Wednesday with Oregon’s Suzanne BonamiciU.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici will take questions from the public during a live web chat this Wednesday, Feb. 27, starting at 12:15 p.m. (PST).

VOTE: Mayors Challenge Fan Favorite Selection – The Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge is a competition designed to inspire America’s mayors to generate innovative ideas that solve major challenges and improve city life.

Hillsboro planners available to talk ‘shovel-ready’ development, infrastructure in North Hillsboro on Thursday – Hillsboro’s Planning Department is hosting an open house on Thursday to discuss plans to make 330-acres of farm land “shovel-ready” for development.

The World Wide Web

Swarovski Kristallwelten - Wattens, Austria. This hides the entrance to the Swarovski Crystals HQ - an amazing experience to visit.

This Is Why Your Doctor Can’t Tweet You – These days you can get a text alert to remind you of most anything. Your bank sends you an alert when your account is running low, and your airline emails to let you know your upcoming flight has been revised. You can set a reminder to get your car’s oil changed, so why can’t your doctor’s office send you an email or tweet to help you manage your healthcare?

Why Computers Alone Can’t Eliminate Corruption in Redistricting – America’s political geography makes defining an algorithm that doesn’t disenfranchise voters incredibly difficult.

Instagram Surpasses 100 Million Active Users – After nearly two and a half years on the market, Instagram has surpassed the 100 million active user mark.

Police Use Pinterest to Combat Street Drug Proliferation – Kansas City Police, early adopters of the photo-rich Pinterest platform, use the tool to educate parents about street drugs they may not recognize.

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