03.25.13: Your Morning Buzz

‘Real World: New York’ Vs. ‘Portland’: ‘A Lot’ Has Changed Since 1992

The High Five

  1. The Mayor’s Geek Squad – It was a case for a digital Sherlock Holmes. Last fall, the city’s Department of Environmental Protection wanted, finally, to crack down on restaurants that were illegally dumping cooking oil into sewers in their neighborhoods — congealed yellow grease is responsible, the department says, for more than half of New York’s clogged drains. The question, of course, was how to find the culprits?

  2. Court to Decide on Pensions in a City’s Bankruptcy Case – In Stockton, Calif., bondholders and insurers want the pain of the city’s bankruptcy to be evenly distributed. Calpers, the country’s largest pension system, prefers to protect its retirees.

  3. At 100, state parks feeling funding crisis – Neglect visible after switch from taxpayer support to user fees

  4. Entrepreneurs try to recapture Detroit’s glory – Public sector failures prompt private citizens to take a chance

  5. Downtown Las Vegas may have found what it’s looking for – Tony Hsieh is a rockstar software developer who’s turning his attention to urban regeneration in Las Vegas

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  5. Apply for City of Lake Oswego Kincaid Internship

I’m Just a Bill

Wong: State lawmakers consider joining effort to end Electoral College

Rep. Blumenauer: Say No to Transcanada & the Portland Business Alliance

Hoffman: State employees do not support ending the 6 percent pickup

The Fiscal Cliff

Portland vs. Indianapolis, a tale of two budgets: Guest opinion

Budget cuts to close control towers at four small airports

Clackamas Light Rail Measure: burning through county tax dollars for nothing

‘Hutch,’ other groups campaign against sequestration cuts

Inside Portlandia

Chickens rule the roost in west Washington County

Intel on building binge in Hillsboro, betting the company on manufacturing

Hillsboro Youth Advisory Council shows path to future: Editorial sketchbook

JTTF report short on details

Outside Portlandia

Former Richland city manager to temporarily serve Sunnyside

Stanfield narrows city manager search to three

Port Angeles city frets over possibility of muck in water; no current danger, official says

Answer absent on city’s wastewater issue

John Laird: From the fury of a campaign, to the real need to govern

In the Blight Fight, time to get real

Salem development plan up for comment

Public safety in Marion County is a shared responsibility

The Career Center

Wisconsin Reignites the Residency Debate – Should public employees be required to live in the jurisdictions they serve? Gov. Scott Walker doesn’t think so.

When a Valuable Lesson at Work Became an Invaluable Lesson in Life – Several months ago, walking to my car on the way home from the office, I was reflecting on a couple of moments from that day in which I was able to demonstrate compassionate management. It reminded me of some of the most important lessons I’ve learned that made it possible

How to Build an Innovative Culture – Every manager would like to be Steve Jobs, but very few ever even come close.

Social Network

How to not creep people out on social media – Social media has made it easier than ever to connect: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other services have greatly amplified everyone’s personal brand message. This is fun, and beneficial inasmuch as we can get a sense of someone’s professionalism, character, and personality before we ever meet them in person.

Do You Fit the Profile of Tech Industry’s Most Obnoxious Tweeters? If you’ve ever been the victim of an unfollow on Twitter, you may just fit the profile of an obnoxious tweeter.

DOJ wants to expand email, social network snooping powers – The Department of Justice is set to go before the House Judiciary Committee to offer “new proposals that would expand government surveillance powers over email messages, Twitter direct messages, and Facebook direct messages,” according to CNET.

How to optimize your social media content for mobile – In 2012, the time spent accessing Facebook via mobile increased 85 percent, Twitter 140 percent, LinkedIn 114 percent, and Pinterest 4,225 percent. That’s a staggering increase. Forty-six percent of social media users say they use their smartphone to access social media; 16 percent say they connect to social media using a tablet.

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