03.26.13: Your Morning Buzz

Weatherman Reading Shout-Outs Realizes Too Late There’s No One By This Name

The High Five

  1. Can Private Intercity Passenger Rail Make a Comeback? All Aboard Florida, a passenger service planned for the Orlando-to-Miami corridor, may soon find out.

  2. The Inequality of Playgrounds – Public parks in upper-income, predominantly-white communities in Kansas City were more likely to have playgrounds, water features and trails.

  3. How Vermont’s ‘Civil’ War Fueled The Gay Marriage Movement – It wasn’t so long ago that a handful of Vermont legislators in a shabby Statehouse committee room struggled over what to call their proposal to give marriage-like rights to the state’s gay and lesbian residents.

  4. With Speech, Petraeus Returns to Public Life, ‘Keenly Aware’ of Altered Reputation – Since resigning as C.I.A. director, David H. Petraeus has kept a low profile. But in a speech Tuesday night at the University of Southern California, he will seek to open a new chapter.

  5. Why Old Regulations Never Seem to Disappear – Several states have recently started pursuing much-needed regulatory reforms, as the rise of the Office of the Repealer in Kansas demonstrates. Despite the office’s dramatic name, it is quite reasonable to aspire to eliminate and prevent the creation of regulations that are economically inefficient.

The ELGL 4-1-1

New ELGL Members

Amber Collett, Fourth Sector Consulting, Project Manager

Ellen Currier, Lane Council of Governments, GIS Analyst and Planner

Eric Battles, Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California, MPA Student

Joel Dippold, Ampersand Communications, Freelance Consultant

Rachel Stansbury, Portland State University, Office Manager

Upcoming ELGL Forums

April 11: Greg Baker, Damascus City Manager

April 17: K.L. Wombacher, Hillsboro Hops General Manager

Top Five (Posts) in the Last Seven (Days)

03.19.13: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Lay’s Remix)
2nd Annual ELGL Call for Resumes – Deadline April 1
The Takeaway with John Anderson, Troutdale City Manager
ICMA PSU Chapter: A Public Sector Startup
Updated (03.22): Gone in 30 Minutes

I’m Just a Bill

Councilors express little interest in TriMet takeover bill

Bill would let citizens film police doing their job

Senate Bill 822 creates a graduated COLA scale; Dems say it would save $455 million

Possible ballot measure would allow public workers to opt out of union dues

Inslee’s bill for study of climate change passes

Democrats: Restructure PERS cost of living adjustments

Cyclists oppose helmet measure

The Fiscal Cliff

Local union leaders try to provide sequester solace

Vancouver wants to refinance Hilton bonds at lower rate

Puerto Rico Creates Tax Shelters in Appeal to Rich

City Council doesn’t fear fees will halt development boom

National Guard Accidentally Sends Furlough Notices

Salvation Through Extinction: Should San Bernardino cease to exist?

Inside Portlandia

Metro Research Center director announces retirement

Is This the End of Bojack?

Mayor Hales will ask Portland Revenue Bureau to examine new arts tax

Former Lake Oswego city councilors start new political group in response to city’s ‘hard right turn’

Both Sides of Fluoride Debate Create More Parody Pages

Vancouver Light Rail Foes Raising War Chest

Hillsboro ballpark budget: another $350,000 to pay for unexpected costs, added perks

Forest Grove property tax appeal could shrink future city revenue

South End meetings offer a peek at the future

City of Portland Core City services not articulated; 30-year-old commitments obsolete

Outside Portlandia

Business Oregon releases Strategic Investment Program job reports

Oak Harbor City Council rejects mayor’s choice for city attorney

Supporters begin campaign to pass Eugene city fee

Washougal will revisit CRC opinion later

Vancouver Fire Department gets goal for response times

Promises high for Colo. pot pioneers

Offstage, Quinn Isn’t Afraid to Let Fury Fly

Career Center

2nd Annual ELGL Call for Resumes – Deadline April 1 – ELGL is now accepting entries for the 2nd edition of the Resume Book. We encourage all ELGL members to submit a resume whether you are employed or you are looking for employment. Non-ELGL members can also submit a resume but members will receive priority placement in the book.

5 Questions Great Job Candidates Ask – Many of the questions potential new hires ask are throwaways. But not these.

Don’t Do These 10 Things in an Informational Interview – Informational interviews are one of the best ways to clarify career goals, grow a professional network and uncover unadvertised jobs. Having these conversations with other professionals can answer practical questions about positions in your field, make new contacts, and put you in front of hiring managers.

The 3 Biggest Resume Mistakes – n a typical week I spend on average 10% of my time screening resumes, interviewing or reviewing interview notes and offers for candidates we want to join the team. Talent management is a core pillar of our company strategy and one of my most important responsibilities. I have reviewed thousands of resumes over my career and built a system to categorize them into yes, no and the dreaded maybe buckets

Social Network

6 surprising ways you can violate “the worst law in technology” Prominent Internet activist Aaron Swartz took his own life in January, facing down a possible 35 year prison sentence for violating what many consider a technicality in an unjust law.

So, There’s A Pinterest For Dudes Now – It’s called Manteresting.com. You can really gather some manteresting observations regarding the male gender on a cursory persusal.

The 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2013 – Every year, TIME recognizes those who exemplify the very best wit and wisdom Twitter has to offer. Here are the 140 feeds that inspire us to laugh, learn or shake our heads in wonderment.

12 Fresh Ideas for Transforming the Places We Live With Open Data – This year, the Knight News Challenge has been soliciting project proposals that would open up and leverage government data anywhere at the national, state and local levels (in the U.S. and abroad). As of last week, 886 projects are vying for a share of the $5 million in funding, all in response to this question: “How can we make the places we live more awesome through data and technology?”

Tips from a social media one-night stand – Some thoughts and advice from the latest in a series of advanced social media workshops around the country. Some say the classes have a memorable name.

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