12 Signs You Are an Emotionally Intelligent Person

Emotional Awareness
You can answer the following questions:

• What am I feeling?
• Why am I feeling like this?
• How is it impacting me right now?

Emotion Management and Impulse Control
You can control the fight or flight tendencies of your emotional brain. You can step into a neutral place to control emotional reactions.

Social Awareness
You know the most effective thing to do in the right situation.

Relationship Management
You can manage the emotional reactions of others because you understand their world view.

You are not frozen by reality and you are able to help others see a brighter tomorrow.

You are curious enough with others to gravitate toward them by suspending judgment even if you do not agree with their world view.

You are vulnerable in a compassionate way and can constructively confront difficult circumstances in a win-win fashion.

When you fall down, you get back up.

Connections with Others
You don’t allow differences to get in the away of connecting with others. You can control your in-group and out-group biases.

Reframing Reality
You have the emotional self-control to reframe your reality in order to understand others.

You know what makes you tick and what ticks you off. You are comfortable in your own skin. You know your hot buttons and how you can be a hot button to others.

Personal Influence
You are able to put aside your own stuff to be totally present with others. You are seen as a multiplier that brings out the best in people.

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