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15% off for NCDD members on EngagingPlans public outreach websites

Urban Interactive Studio (UIS), LLC is offering a 15% discount on EngagingPlans Pro-Subscription to all NCDD members who are looking for a cost-effective way to use the Web to facilitate communication with the public throughout their projects. Like all our fellow NCDD members, we are deeply rooted in the belief that we can make our communities better places to live in by giving citizens a voice to positively impact the world around them. We also believe that supporting your work with the right online outreach and engagement tools will help you succeed in this process.

EngagingPlans offers the tools you need to create and implement a compelling and engaging Web presence that makes it easy for you to interact directly with your audience. For example, UIS recently helped Chittenden County, VT community planners take their public engagement process online with their ECOS Project website. As recipient of a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Chittenden County planners saw a once-in-a generation opportunity to have a broad public conversation about the future of their region.

EngagingPlans provided the ECOS project team with an engaging web presence, which has enabled them to maintain ongoing communication between city officials, planners and citizens. Project documents and updates are frequently posted to the site for community members to review and provide feedback on. Additionally, through the ECOS project Web site and the integrated newsletter, residents of Chittenden County are invited to participate in local events, receive timely project updates, and provide project related feedback. Social Media is also tightly integrated into the EngagingPlans Web site, allowing busy residents to utilize multiple mediums to receive and share updates that are important to them.

The City of Dunwoody, recently began a project to rewrite its current zoning ordinance and land development regulations, utilizing the online community engagement tools provided by EngagingPlans. In addition to many of the features mentioned above, the ZoningDunwoody team opted to allow users of their project site to receive information pertinent to each phase of the project via the timeline view, share relevant streaming video, and provide feedback. Citizens of Dunwoody also have easy access to view important project plan documents at their convenience.

The project team for PlanCheyenne, another EngagingPlans site, has been working behind the scenes to update the data, key trends, and maps in the Snapshot sections of the city of Cheyenne’s Community Plan and Transportation Plan. The team wants to get to know the people who live and work in their community and implement a successful communication strategy about important project details that concern residents of Cheyenne. To aide in this effort, EngagingPlans assisted the PlanCheyenne project team administer a Public Comment Survey directly through their web site, which provides easily accessed community demographic information to site administrators.

EngagingPlans enhances the way you interact and collaborate with the public, providing powerful, yet easy-to-use tools designed to help your project quickly and cost-effectively create and deploy a compelling and engaging Web presence – one that adapts to your overall engagement process instead of reshaping it.

At Urban Interactive Studio, we are happy to offer dues-paying NCDD members a 15% discount off the monthly subscription fee for our EngagingPlans Pro Subscription – you only pay $75.65 per month. This micro site delivers a comprehensive suite of features that allow you to quickly and efficiently facilitate communication with the public. To find out more about our NCDD member discount and EngaingPlans, go to http://engagingplans.com/NCDD, or email [email protected].

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