2020 Census will have an online option

Happy Tuesday! How will Americans use the Internet in 2020? Will we all use cell phones? Will we still have snail mail?

A team of experts at the U.S. Census Bureau is asking those questions in preparation for the 2020 Census
even as temporary workers are knocking on doors to complete the 2010 Census. Final answers won’t be
needed for about eight years, but the team hopes to keep costs below
the $14.7 billion budget for the 2010 Census and to make it possible for
at least some Americans to answer census questions via the Internet.

“None of us can imagine doing a 2020 Census without an Internet option,” Census Bureau Director Robert Groves said in
an interview. Though he’s overseeing the 2010 Census, most of his tenure
will be tied to 2020 preparations — and he’s pushing for a more
efficient operation with fewer people.

“The easiest way to reduce costs in the Census is to reduce manpower,” Groves said. “To the extent that we can reduce the number of
census worker visits in 2020, we’re going to save a lot of money.”

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