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Eliminating Data Silos—A Work in Progress

With the explosion of data in the government, increased collaboration and information sharing are important goals for any agency. Recent legislation, such as the DATA Act and the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Bill, provides extra incentive for agencies to achieve those goals. However, data often resides in disconnected silos, making that collaboration and sharing difficult.

It’s All About Access in the Digital Age

In this space over the coming weeks, we hope to turn your attention to the many ways the Census Bureau has met the digital challenge while at the same time transforming our approach from agency-centric to more information and customer centric. We understand that in an age of mobile technology, people are used to getting… Read more »

When Hacking Helps

Hackers, hackers everywhere. If you’ve been following the news recently, the “hacker” label probably doesn’t give you a warm-fuzzy sensation. But hackers aren’t always bad guys. To the software development community, hacking simply means taking a piece of code and altering it. It can be used for wrongdoing, but it can also be used toRead… Read more »

Planning for the 2020 Census

Photo Credit: U.S. Census Bureau, Public Information Office Although the 2020 Census is about 6 years away, preparations are well underway. The Census Bureau has designated today as Census Day 2014, as the Bureau is conducting its first significant test of the methods and technologies it’s considering for the 2020 Census. We have often reportedRead… Read more »

Want Real-Time Economic Data? Census Launches An App for That

Did you know that 50% of the Census Bureau is dedicated to economic data? So it makes sense that if you wanted realtime, accurate economic data, data that could help you do your job better, you would go to the Census Bureau. Now they’ve created an app to make getting and understanding that data easier.Read… Read more »

It’s Census (data) day!

Today at 11:30am the ABS releases the first tranche of the 2011 Census’s data – including the core demographics. How is this Gov 2.0 related? There’s a number of ways. First, this is the first time the majority of Census data will be released, from day one, under a Creative Commons license as open dataRead… Read more »